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Acoustic Panels and Acoustic Boards

We as Acoustic Board India known for acoustical wall panels, soundproof ceiling tiles, soundproofing panels, studio soundproofing, sound absorbing panels for office and provide all kinds of acoustic solutions within the space. our acoustic boards and Panels are so colorful can reduce the reverberation sounds and echo level within the space. Our Products:- Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panels, Customized Polyester FibersAcoustic Panels, 3D acoustic Panels, Wooden Grooved Panels, Perforated Wooden Slats, Calcium Silicate Tiles, 3D Acoustic Panels.

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Terrace house architecture

TOPOS Architect are the best in Singapore in terms of pursuing architecture in energy efficiency and optimization of resources is mostly every typology. We ensure that we stay at the competition while staying within budget as well and also, deliver the cost effective projects to our consumer. TOPOS Architect provide the most rendering Terrace house architecture across the area. A highly qualified team of experts, who matches the project scope, is assigned to each project. Consult us @ http://www.toposarchitect.com/

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